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Why advertise through Cornish Holiday Lettings

Why advertise through Cornish Holiday Lettings

Why advertise through Cornish Holiday Lettings

Are you considering letting out your Cornish holiday property to have an extra income stream within affordable website advertising?

Are you downhearted with marketing your Cornish holiday property yourself through various websites but finding it an ever increasing burden with income not meeting your expectations and not enough flexibility of services offered?

If you are currently advertising through your other agents you may be in one of these situations:

  • You do not live locally and cannot afford the time to put into managing your holiday letting? Maybe you do live close but just have not the time nor inclination to deal with it yourself?
  • You have frustrations regarding the current booking system in place because of prioritisation of the bookings or the prices you are being charged?
  • You do not receive your monies promptly.

With these issues in mind Cornish Holiday Lettings was born to offer local, affordable, flexible website advertising to maximise your properties letting potential. With the complete flexibility of tailoring our different services just for you and your personal circumstances, you are and will continue to be in control of your holiday letting completely. We have various packages available at reasonable prices from a yearly advertising only priced package through to a fully managed package. We also offer great extras and discounts for multiple listings, please click here for further details on our packages and prices

There has been a huge increase in demand for holiday letting properties and with the vast majority of holidays being booked over the internet. Make your holiday property visible to thousands of searches our site generates and let us sell your properties features, local amenities and local area attractions to holiday makers who are simply browsing for ideas. Advertise to a worldwide audience at the most competitive and cost effective way possible and fill those off peak weeks even if you are looking for just a few weeks letting to generate an income for you.

Our unique website is a testimony to Cornwall and boasts all that Cornwall has to offer. Ultimately the effect is to bring more holidaymakers to our website and in turn to your property to book a holiday and return year after year. We know Cornwall inside out, we are based in the Truro area and feel best served to answer any guests’ enquiries and questions, that is what makes us unique. Possibly think about using our website as an added string to your bow if you are using non Cornish websites? We have a great deal to shout about in Cornwall, why not join us and enjoy the success of our expanding, innovative, flexible Cornish holiday letting business by providing us with your holiday property to let today.

Do you have more than one property or are you a Booking Agent?

Package 1 – subscription only – First property will be full price £39.99 then £29.99 up to five, five or more £19.99.

Package 2 – subscription plus 1 extra – First property will be full price £59.99 then £49.99 up to five, five or more £39.99.

Package 3 – fully managed – First property will be full price 20% then 18% up to five, five or more 16%.

Which package is right for you?

You may only be looking to let out your holiday caravan for a short time over the season in which case Package 1 would be sufficient for you. If you wanted to have more exposure then perhaps you would want to have Package 2. If you cannot afford the time and effort and would like us to do all the hard work for you then Package 3 will be for you. Remember that extras are available and can be added at any time. We are completely flexible, this can all be tailored around you and your circumstances, you are in control.

What do I get for my money?

Your Cornish holiday property will be advertised on our local Cornish Holiday Letting website anywhere in the world. If anyone is looking for a holiday property in Cornwall they will be looking here. Our new, high quality, unique website promotes and offers information on locations throughout Cornwall in order to help a holidaymaker decide which area and facilities they would like. Your advert will have its very own webpage detailing your holiday properties description with photographs, local amenities and local visitor attractions. Our website is optimised for mobile and tablet devices so can be seen anywhere, anytime.

  • 93% of UK smartphone mobile user’s browse the web every day.
  • 96% of UK users use a search engine via their phone.

If you require any alterations just send an email and we will alter these for you.

Dependent on the package chosen we will advertise through our Facebook page and Twitter. This gives you maximum exposure driving more traffic to your advert (Package 2 only although you can add as an extra).

Simple but effective and informative

On research carried out it was found that many holidaymakers enquiring about a holiday property in Cornwall feel completely overwhelmed when searching on current available websites by the sheer size and diversity of Cornwall and require more detailed information.

We have designed the CHL website to be easy to use and informative in order to help holidaymakers make an informed decision to book their holiday property without too much trouble and as effortless as possible.


From Visit Cornwall’s Cornwall Visitor survey published in 2012, 71% of staying overnight visitors who had chosen to visit Cornwall in direct preference to another destination had considered holidaying at another UK location whilst 29% chose the county in preference to an overseas location.

Cornwall is the most child friendly holiday accommodation in the world according to a poll published by The Daily Mail online in 2014. It came top due to its beautiful beaches, child friendly restaurants and the short journey time to reach it pipping Orlando in Florida to the post!